Tarlac Choice of Ice Cream flavors

Pages: 3 (748 words) Published: October 7, 2014

Galaxy Ice cream aims to contribute to the wellness and to the improvement of our community at the fullest of our own way. We seek to not only to make profit but also to serve our customers and our community by contributing to the livelihood and giving tender affection to them. Galaxy Ice cream aims to inspire and help our community to construct and develop future workforce and also to cultivate a prosperous community throughout the city of Tarlac.

By means of doing so, we are to implement those policies that would apprehend our aims and promote good business etiquettes and good relationship among our customers, employees and the public.


As we aim to aid our beloved employees to achieve their personal dreams as they become a workforce of our own, we shall strive to train them well on our business operations and to give them opportunities to grow through seminars, training, workshops, conference and completions. We shall also give them considerate rewards for their hard work and perseverance. Also shall entitle them for promotions and considerate employee benefits that they truly deserve as a good, hardworking, and energetic workforce.

We shall also apprehend them for their mistakes and help them understand and aid them to get up on their feet after, through counseling and advising. We shall promote a family oriented spirit within our premises.

Furthermore, we shall employ our own workforce into our business by these we hope that we could aid our tarlaquenos for their livelihood and also for a minimal reduction on our poverty in the city.


As a newly-formed partnership, our business will ensure that it will carry out its responsibilities to the society where it belongs. Our business will follow its corporate philanthropy in terms of developing projects in the vicinity of our sites, helping in the maintenance of cleanliness by providing eco-friendly trash cans, and maintaining pleasant...
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