Targets Marketing Plan

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The Target Corporation is an upscale retail store. Their slogan “Expect More-Pay Less”, lends itself to their belief that they offer high quality and trendy products at a reasonable discount price. Target also has expanded its store into an online store, the Super Target which offers groceries. The Target store has much strength that makes it stand apart from other super discount retail stores. I looked into these strengths, along with weakness, through research material and surveying their targeted market customers. I wanted to learn just what it was Target has done to market themselves throughout their growth as a company, what it was that has made them so successful throughout the years. Through this knowledge it is able to see just what makes Target so special as well as what they should do to continue this success and to make their customers happy.

The first Target store opened in Minnesota in 1962. Today Target is the number five retail store in America, there are 1,744 stores across America. Target consumers when surveyed said that they would like to see more items in the grocery food area. Right now there are over 187 Super Targets. Target is continuing to convert many of their stores into Super Targets, which offer a full grocery area. They also operate 25 distribution centers and 4 import warehouses, with 352,200 employees. Over all their logo the Target “bulls-eye” is recognized by 96% of Americans, and 100% of the consumers I surveyed.

Target has a great deal of competition, the largest competitor is Wal-Mart. They are also in completion with many companies that are overseas and online, because right now Target store is only available in the States. They continue to stay competitive because they maintain and further develop their brands and designs in order to offer trendy items.

To understand how Targets marketing has been so successful, one must understand who their customer is. The typical Target shopper is a female, (96%), the median age is of a Target is 41 , with a median income of $63K and about 45% have children in their home. Target markets themselves as a department store that has discount prices, but so do other department stores, so what is it that makes Target different. While some products may be slightly more expensive than their competitor Target offers savings in other ways. For example Target offers The Target Red Card and Target Debit card. The Red Card works the same as other store credit cards, but offers 5% savings on all purchases, and also allows you to pick a school district in which you wish Target to make donations to. Target contributes 5% (or 3 million dollars) to the communities they serve. The debit card offers the same benefits, however is so different from other department or discount stores, because it allows the savings to peoples whose credit rating may not allow them to be eligible for a credit card, or those who simply do not wish to use a credit card. By marketing themselves as a caring member of society customers want to support a store that supports their community. Target currently uses tradition methods of marketing, combined with new tech savvy advertising. For example their weekly circular is distributed to over 50 million homes every week. They are using new tactics like Channel Red, in the Target stores, direct mailing to loyal customers, and clever commercials. Some of their best commercial areas throughout the holiday season. Target was able to work hard to be part of the Rolling Stones 1,000 edition. During the 2006 Winter Olympics they created a red and white train that featured their Bull’s-eye logo to transport people throughout the Alps. They have also launched a nationwide branding effort with the color red by advertising in subway and train stations. Target has also made new applications for smartphones. Cartwheel is an application that anyone can download to their phone, it is similar to a weekly ad...

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