Targeting and Market Positioning

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Student Guide

Profile International Markets

Table of Contents
Student Guide3
Subject Overview3
Teaching Program4
Student Assessment Guide7
Assessment Overview7
Student Assessment 18
Student Assessment 29
Determining Results10
Assessment Policy11
Evidence Collection/Assessment12

Student Guide

Subject Overview

BSBMKG516A Profile International Markets
This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to select and confirm an appropriate international market.

Reporting of assessment outcomes
This unit is graded. Your result will be recorded as CD, CC, AC or NC representing Distinction or Credit or Competent or Not yet Competent respectively.

Where the unit contributes to the course grading, a nominal mark is used to calculate the final course grade.
The nominal mark is:
Distinction 88
Credit 75
Competent 50
Not yet Competent
Requirements to successfully complete this unit of competency

Assessment is a process that will require you to provide evidence that you have achieved the knowledge and skills required in this unit of competency. Successful completion of this unit is based on the assessment of your demonstrated competence in a workplace or simulated workplace environment.  

Assessment of this unit may be in the form of written reports and a class test. Your teacher will provide more details about the assessments.  
On completion of this unit you should be able to select and confirm an appropriate international market. This unit is designed to allow you to understand the managerial responsibilities for selecting and confirming appropriate international market/s by identifying the target market, profiling the target market and developing a positioning strategy.  

Specifically, you will be able to: 
1  Select potential international markets for further investigation 2  Identify the target market
3  Profile the target audience
4  Develop a positioning strategy

Teaching Program

Textbook: Recommended textbook details
International Business A Managerial Perspective 2nd Edition 2001 Mahoney Trigg Griffin Pustay. Publisher: Pearson Education Australia ISBN: 0 7339 0739 3
|Week |Insert Date |Unit / elements |Delivery –Topic | | | | | |Profile International Markets | | |1 | |1.1 |Determine readiness to market products or services internationally |PowerPoint 1 | |2 | |1.2 |List potential international markets for further investigation |Handout 1 | |3 | |1.3 |Identify information sources to inform process for selection of international |Handout 2 | | | | |markets | | |4 | |1.4 |Determine and document criteria to determine suitability of international markets |Assessment | | | | |for product or service |Introduction | |5 | |1.5 |Access and use information sources to determine suitability of international |Handout 3 | | | | |markets for product or service to be marketed |...
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