Target Markets

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Target Markets

HealthPost has two different target markets: the primary target is the buyer or large hospital systems and health plans, the secondary target audience are the consumers or women under forty-five. HealthPost will provide through its online scheduling service provide timely access in order to maintain good medical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Large hospital systems are located nationwide such as HCA and Vanguard. Through the development of networking relationships, HealthPost contracts with large hospital systems and secures an account. This provides the potential for bringing on board other affiliated large hospitals as well as medium and small providers. HealthPost offers unique benefits to both of its target audiences. HealthPost plans in the future are launching a new website to focus specifically on large hospital systems and health plans (Alvi, 2003).

Online hospital appointment scheduling service is vital for healthcare professionals, as it can help manage scheduling patients for various medical procedures, visits, tests and treatments; easily view various daily, weekly and monthly patient schedules; create patient records and appointment reports; create recurring appointments for multiple patient visits; help to track patient flow based on arrival, visit and departure time; avoid no-show, missing, overbooking appointments or other conflicts; email appointment schedule reminders and providing a printable daily appointment scheduling report. (Diwakar, 2007)

The HealthPost revenue model is based on subscription fees for each module. There are multiple categories available for subscription. Pricing of services is customized based on the specific solutions mix desired by the client. Generally, hospital systems are charged a monthly fee of $4,000 to $5,000 depending on the bundle of services selected. A bundle usually consists of scheduling and check-in solutions for providers, imaging, ER, outpatient services, private label...
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