Target Market

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EZ Glider and EZ Glider Deluxe are the new invention products of BCB Corp. According to the market segmentation, the products are targeting by geographical area, demographics and behavioral. The product EZ Glider is the standard wooden chair with a cushioned back. On its left arm, there are buttons to function the chair. When people press on the red button, the chair pushes itself in and the green button can pull the chair out. On the right side of the EZ Glider locates a joystick, which allows people to adjust the chair's comfortable level. Therefore, it is focused to target on large organizations, such as schools, public libraries, restaurants and even prisons. On the other hand, EZ Glider Deluxe is BCB Corp.'s "luxury" model chair. It not only has all the features of EZ Glider but also has a cushioned leather body and a seat heater. As well as EZ Glider, the product EZ Glider Deluxe will target to companies and government agencies.

The size of the target market is very large. School is a good examples. In United States, there are hundreds and thousands of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, technical colleges, community colleges and universities in all fifty states. Since school has become one of the most influence on children's access to computers. More and more school-age children use computers at school than at home. It results that building school computer labs is necessary and has become the most commonly used place. Furthermore, comfortable and self-organized chairs can be marketable and profitable. According to the U.S. Census survey, BCB Corp. will more likely to sell a large amount of the new invention chairs to the schools and libraries of outside central city in northeast region, because they are the households who won the most computers at home. In addition, these families normally have incomes of $75,000 or more and live in wealthy neighborhood. Those neighborhoods tend to have better school systems, because they pay higher tax to...
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