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The target market for Reese’s Pops Cereal is divided into two age groups, six to 17 and 34 to 48. When focusing on a younger, dependent segment you also need to target the segment that is making purchase decisions for them. We believe these two market segments are the best to target because the product appeals to both a younger demographic, with its candy-like taste and being a fun, easy breakfast option that they can make for themselves, and also to the adult segment, because it is a healthy choice and will satisfy both their needs and the needs of their children. The first target market, of ages six to 17, consists of both males and females. They live at home with their parents in the suburbs of Germany and are students in Elementary to High School. They enjoy playing sports, video games, going to movies, watching television, and spending time with friends. They have Internet access and are influenced by ads seen online and on television. When making decisions, they are impatient and want immediate responses. Their behavior is characterized as energetic and disliking strict rules. Sitting down for a long time does not appeal to them since they like to be busy and are always looking for something to do. They are not shy in sharing their opinions and openly voice them to their parents. Our adult target market, ages 34 to 48, also consists of males and females with a family status of being either married or divorced with one or more children. They live in the suburbs of Germany with their family and have a middle level of income. Both parents may be employed, causing breakfast time with the family in the mornings to be quick. Their careers are very important to them and they both graduated from college with either a Bachelors or Masters degree. They value family and spending time together, however they are very time conscious and like to maintain a schedule. Since they are busy with their jobs and are involved in their children’s lives, they are always on the...
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