Target: Balance Sheet and Annual Report

Topics: Balance sheet, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Income statement Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: January 23, 2014
Do you know which department store has the slogan “Expect More, Pay Less.”(Target 2012 Annual Report, 2012, p.1). Target is one of the leading stores besides Wal-mart that keeps their prices low while still making a profit from their sales. They introduced the new price match and return policies and continue to offer more savings through their REDcard Rewards. (Target 2012 Annual Report, 2012, p.2). With the REDcard Rewards clients are able to save an extra 5 percent off nearly all purchases and offers an additional 30 days for most returns. (Target 2012 Annual Report, 2012, p.3). They have a program that you’re able to link your banking information and use the debit part where they are automatically able to withdraw from your checking account. You’re able to sign up for this program and still receive your 5 percent off with every purchase at target also.

1. The firm’s auditors are Roxanne S. Austin and Douglas M. Baker. (Target 2012 Annual Report, 2012, p.77). Mrs. Austin is also part of the financing for the firm. (Target 2012 Annual Report, 2012, p.77). Mr. Baker is apart of the nominating and governance for the firm. (Target 2012 Annual Report, 2012, p.77).They provided the clear picture of what Target is able to make and not make through out 2012. There opinion is an upwards trend that they will continue to generate income for many years to come.

3. The trend of Targets total assets and total liabilities went up. They have more assets which make them have more liabilities. All in all they are making more money. From the year before, they were only having $46,630,000 million in assets and liabilities but now they went up to having $48,163,000 million. (Target 2012 Annual Report, 2012, p.35).

4. Assets are anything that a business owns that can be expressed into dollars. (Accounting Coach, LLC, 2004, p.1.) Targets three largest assets are inventory, building and improvements, and property and equipment. Targets inventory has gone down this year....
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