Target Audience For AirAsia

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Target audience: 10 marks
The target audience should be described using multiple segmentation variables. CUSTOMER DIVERSITY

AirAsia's main customers are still those who could not previously afford to fly, but its passenger profile is changing as it adds destinations and increases brand awareness.

"The economically disadvantaged are there, and the main market is still the mass market -that will never change -but we are reaching markets that we never dreamt of," says Fernandes. "Goldman Sachs executives in Singapore, for example, are very happy that we opened up Singapore-Bandung as it allows them to them to meet clients in the Indonesian city. Our corporate business has gone up 400% because companies want to save money and, once they fly us, they don't want to change."

Fernandes' airline is transforming the perception of low-cost travel, giving rise to a diverse cross-section of passengers. The AirAsia chief executive says: "We show that low-cost does not mean low class. In the Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur flight, you'll find women with diamonds sitting beside maids. You could not see that before. That shows we're reaching everyone." 1) Geographic characteristics

The geographic characteristics of the target market of AirAsia are within the Australasian region. Attract people from Australia who wish to visit the Asian region. U sing Kathmandu as a destination that the consumer is dreaming about. The ad implies to stop dreaming about doing and just go, since the flights are very cheap it allows people to act on their dreams.

2) Demographic characteristics

Concerning demographic characteristics, AirAsia is not targeting a specific demographic group. It is mostly based on the social status or the average budget of the customers. AirAsia mainly target workers or low pay salaries earners. It could also be categories like students who have not a lot of money.

3) Psychographic and behaviour characteristics

AirAsia targets people who want to travel in...
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