Tardiness: High School and Students

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Chapter I

* Introduction:
“Every hour misspent is lost forever, and future years cannot compensate for lost days
at this period of your life.”- Anonymous. Tardiness can be broadly defined as missing
time over the course of a school day. Students showing signs of dullness and their
disengagement from school is apparent in actions and words, observed some students
come to school appearing exhausted and half asleep, complaining about how early school
begins. They arrive late to school at all hours of the day and appear to have varying
attitudes and stories for the attendance monitor regarding their repeated lateness.

Many students are tardy because they had turned tardy to be a habit. A tardy mind
student intends not to care much of education. The students not wanting to be there in the
class makes them to be tardy. Enjoying the life is what a tardy student is doing, not
knowing the consequences. 
Students stand at the Discipline office door late for school each morning as they
have done before. The practice of being late to school is an unwritten behavior that may
be passed on with each new student entering middle school, the appearance of large
numbers outside the Discipline office in the morning, signifying the failure of these
students to arrive on time for school and the apparent lack of self-regulation.

The familiar faces of students lined up each morning in the Discipline Office with
no apparent emotion or concern, without shame showing how lazy they are in coming to
School. They appear to not know they should be concerned about being late. The practice
of standing on line late for school seems to repeat itself each year.

Being on time is not only a duty for students, but also a part of good manners,
respect, good reputation, influential, and useful. Tardy all the time to class shows careless
and a waste of time. Therefore, students should use their time wisely and do their best at
all times. Tardiness is pretty much not an issue for student these days. It seems to be a
normal thing to them. However, the reasons students being tardy can tell whether their
student is being committed or not, being peer pressured, and responding to nature calls.

* Statement of Problem
The problems that will be dealt with in this study or term paper should be briefly stated as: * What is Tardiness?
* What are the probable causes that lead students from tardiness? * What are the remedies to stem out or uproot tardiness? * What are the effects of tardiness in theacademic performances of the students? * And what would be the resultant productsshould tardiness be uprooted and/or completely eliminated.

* Research Objectives
-To know the effects of tardiness to the academics of 4th year students of SOLA.
-To determine if tardiness could be the one of the root causes of poor student
-To discover if tardiness is a cause of behavior problems faced in school.
-To figure out the reasons why the 4th year students of SOLA come to school late.
-To gather data to help recognize students’ attendance in order to provide programs that
will assist each student to meet higher academic standards.
-To prevent the students of SOLA in coming late to school.

* Significance of the Study
The significance of this study or term paper to the students is that, students will be
able to concentrate in their study and improve their performance as well. For the school,
late students is one of the biggest problems of the school that until now cannot be
resolved, making it less would give the discipline office a rest. Parents would be satisfied
in the improved academics of their child. To the community, it allows districts to gather
data to help recognize student attendance in order to provide programs and services that
will encourage students...

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Chapter VI Evaluation Part 27
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