Tardiness and Absenteeism as Main Reason Why Students Fail

Topics: Saint Monday, Absenteeism, Sick building syndrome Pages: 4 (964 words) Published: March 9, 2013

Ronnel Mariano
Russel De Guzman

Dr. Prof. Arsenio
Psychology Professor

a. Background of the study
b. Significance of the study
c. Related topic
d. Definition of terms

II. Body
a. Causes of Tardiness and Absences
b. Effects of Tardiness and Absences

III. Survey
IV. Conclusion
V. Recommendation
VI. Bibliography


Background of the Study

First, let’s define what tardiness means. Tardiness from its root word “tardy” means occurring, arriving, acting, or done after the scheduled, expected, or usual time or simply late. It is the quality or habit of not adhering to a correct or usual or expected time. On the other hand, absenteeism is a habitual pattern of absence from a duty or obligation. Traditionally, absenteeism has been viewed as an indicator of poor individual performance, as well as a breach of an implicit contract between employee and employer; it was seen as a management problem, and framed in economic or quasi-economic terms. More recent scholarship seeks to understand absenteeism as an indicator of psychological, medical, or social adjustment to work. High absenteeism in the workplace may be indicative of poor morale, but absences can also be caused by workplace hazards or sick building syndrome. Many employers use statistics such as the Bradford factor that do not distinguish between genuine illness and absence for inappropriate reasons. As a result, many employees feel obliged to come to work while ill, and transmit communicable diseases to their co-workers. This leads to even greater absenteeism and reduced productivity among other workers who try to work while ill. Work forces often excuse absenteeism caused by medical reasons if the worker supplies a doctor’s note or other form of documentation. Sometimes, people choose not to show up for work and do not call in advance, which businesses...
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