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Grouping – All groupings MUST make up of only 2 members except for ODD size class (eg. 29, 31 etc) the 3rd and last member shall form the final group (from the same tutorial class). Any figure more or less than the range stated shall be penalized by deduction of 1 mark for inability to follow basic guide stated.

Group particulars include the following information:
1) Name of student
2) Student’s ID
3) Tutorial group, day & time
4) Date of submission

Plagiarism Statement Declaration & Report By Safe Assign
All students MUST sign on the plagiarism statement and attach the original signed copy with the coursework. This must be attached on the first page of the coursework. Please download the form and details from CEL at Unit Information folder.

Prior to submission of report all students must perform plagiarism check using the Safe Assign software in the CEL. Look out for the step by step instructions in the CEL. Threshold permissible is 30% and reports exceeding the 30% threshold shall be penalized.

Deadline for submission:
Week 5 – 29 October 2010 (Friday) no later than 10am – Malaysian time (If you have class during that period, you are required to submit your report earlier than 10am as the cut off time is 10am). However, if the tutor wants to expedite the deadline, prior notice and agreement with the students shall be given by the respective tutors.

For late submission of coursework a penalty of 1 mark will be deducted if the coursework is up to three calendar days late, and an additional 1 mark will be deducted for each subsequent 3 calendar days late.

Coursework after 6 calendar days of the deadline (ie. 5 November 2010) shall not be accepted and group shall deemed to have not submitted the first coursework and have FAILED. Failing this coursework means not being able to sit for final exam.

PART A (cont’d)

|A |A- |B+ |B |B- |C+ |C |C- |D |F | |80 – 100 |75 – 79 |70 - 74 |65 – 69 |60 - 64 |55 – 59 |50 - 54 |45 - 49 |40 – 44 |0 - 39 |

Coursework Information
The coursework make up of 40% of the overall examination structure. Students are required to secure 50% from the coursework in order to be eligible for the examination. There shall be THREE coursework given this term.

|Coursework |Manner |Dates |Marks | |One |Report based on research conducted by the |Submission of Report on 29 October 2010 (10am) |40% | | |assigned group (group coursework) | | | |Two |10 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) & 2 written |22 to 26 November 2010 |30% | | |questions (individual exam) | | | |Three |10 MCQ only (individual exam) |13 to 17 December 2010 |20% |

All students MUST attend the individual EXAM during the period assigned and replacement is only permissible with written and approved notice to the respective tutors. Reason(s) for replacement is subject to examination policy. Failing to attend any of the coursework exams shall lead to FAILING coursework and not passing the final paper too.

Referencing Method
Havard referencing shall be adopted for this coursework and get the copy of such format from the Cell in Unit Information folder. Kindly read, understand and comply with the requirement of such standard.

Coursework Marks
The combined coursework 1, 2 & 3 results shall be given to students on Wk 13. Students are to get the results from their...
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