Taran Swan

Topics: Leadership, Management, Nickelodeon Pages: 3 (1213 words) Published: November 2, 2008
Taran Swan’s story as general manager of Nickelodeon Latin America is a true pattern of successful leadership in building organizations. She manages to foster a great team of people who would feel equal and work together to achieve a common goal that she manages to set without exercising authority. Furthermore she manages to make everyone feel equal in their ideas by allowing discussions rather than exercising power. Her management is extremely effective when the company was being created but at the same time, as her team increased she kept the tight working style which guarantees success in the long run even if she is not present. Although the case study that is examines her character doesn’t cover her story after 1998, I have no doubts that the future of her company is successful even today. Taran Swan’s objective was to build a successful medium size company without having notable experience with managing organization of this size. Her theoretical skills, being graduate of Harvard Business School, are without any doubt as well as her personal qualities that were only hinted in her short period that she spend in charge of Nickelodeon Germany. She is very consistent in pursuing her goals and at the beginning when the Nickelodeon Latin America was taking shape she showed great stubbornness in achieving what her managers believed was impossible. Despite her obstinacy she proved to be very open to new ideas and suggestions. She doesn’t feel uncomfortable admitting the fact that she might not have particular knowledge but she would keep her eagerness over time to learn as the company expands. At the same time it never felt as if she was struggling to lead and her instinct, which she correctly followed, never lead her in the wrong direction. Taran Swan is put in a very difficult situation having to cope with limited budget and shared resources with MTV Latin America. Furthermore it is extremely important for her business that she has a perfect understanding of the...
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