TAQA Understanding the principles unit 3

Topics: Assessment Pages: 4 (1974 words) Published: August 13, 2015
Understanding the principles & practices of assessment
Unit 3 – Understand how to plan assessment
3:1 Summarise key factors to consider when planning assessment

When planning assessment it is essential to be aware of the qualification, regulations or standards that need to be assessed and how you will go about collecting the evidence and what particular knowledge needs to be given to the learner. The awarding organisation may monitor the delivery, assessment and quality of assurance of the qualification to make sure their requirements are being met. Vocational qualifications assess learner’s competence in their work environment by demonstrating skills, knowledge and understanding. When planning learning in the working environment it is necessary to plan ahead so that visits take into account the location, distance and accessibility to ease traveling costs to the learner. You would also need to give the learner enough time to meet you in order to take into account public transport, traffic, ease of parking and their shift patterns. The manager of the establishment should be informed of all visits so they can plan their staff accordingly and gain consent from service users if observations need to be carried out or even if they cannot accommodate you on that day. When the learner is working shifts or on weekends it is essential that you visit when they are working, or before or after their shift to accommodate them so they don’t have to change them. It is also useful to confirm your visit with the learner one or two days prior to your appointment with them or to make another appointment with them as soon as possible if they cancel on you.

It is important to carry out an initial assessment with your learner in order to find out if the learner has any needs or requirements to support them in the course, which is of course best done before the course commences. It can also help to find out why they want to take the course, their capabilities to achieve the...
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