Taqa Principles

Topics: Assessment, Evaluation, Summative assessment Pages: 3 (617 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Assessment is a systematic process that measures a learner’s competence, including skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes, to perform to a set of defined standards either vocational or academic. Assessment is aimed at improving performance of the learner and motivating the learner to achieve their full potential as well as measuring achievements. To achieve these aims all assessment must adhere to a set of key concepts and principles.

Concepts of assessment include:

Accountability – assessor needs to be accountable to the learner, the organisation / employers and the awarding bodies.

Achievement – data for comparable purposes and funding purposes

Assessment strategies – individualised methods of assessment

Benchmarking – comparing performance standards of assessors, learners and the accepted standards for a particular subject area against the learner’s current position.

Evaluation – quality assurance and internal verification must be in place to ensure best practice.

Assessment methods – formative and summative assessment - internally or externally devised which are fit for purpose, ie assessment of practical skills will include practical assessments to ensure validity rather than tests.

Progression – what is the learner going to do next? This can include progression routes to higher qualifications or help with functional skills such as numeracy or literacy

Transparency – everyone involved in the assessment process has a clear understanding about what is expected, including learners, line managers, organisation, awarding authorities. This includes assessor interpretation of the assessment requirements and keeping records of learner’s progress, which are accessible to all involved in the assessment process.

Types of assessment must be included - initial, diagnostic, formative and summative assessment.

-initial assessment takes place at the start of the programme to identify the learner’s starting...
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