Tapped: Bottled Water

Topics: Bottled water, Drinking water, Water Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: April 30, 2012
In the documentary “Tapped” many items are discussed about bottled water companies and how they operate. The films shows how companies are making huge profits off of water from public waterways and how these companies are making cool, refreshing bottles of water not so safe or refreshing. The film begins telling about the bottle water company, Nestle, coming in, building a factory, and producing many jobs for small areas. So far nothing at all seems wrong with this process. However the story begins to shift from good to bad as the film progresses. Nestle was taking water from the public water source and at times the Fryeburg municipal water system would suddenly go dry for periods of time leaving the citizens without water. No one in Fryeburg was benefiting from the company coming to town, besides Nestle themselves. They were taking water from the public source and paying very low rates for it; then turning around and bottling the water to make massive profits. Battles like the battle between the Nestle Water Company and the city of Fryeburg, Maine are becoming more and more popular. The same problems are occurring closer to home as well, however most people are unaware of them. For example, Nestle moved into a small town called Celina, TN which is located about thirty minutes from my hometown of Tompkinsville, KY. When news of Nestle’s coming was first announced everyone was ecstatic because of the vast number of jobs the company would bring with them. However about three or four years after Nestle had opened and settled in the excitement quickly disappeared. Nestle moved in and put pumps on the local springs and began pumping the water out for their use. Everything was going good until about the third or fourth year after the company had opened and then our area experienced an extreme drought. It was then that people found out that Nestle was getting and selling water from municipal water sources; because of this many small...
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