Taobao Online Shopping

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Taobao Online Shopping
People describe what markets should do in four Ps: product, which means they should design a product that people will be satisfied with; price, which means they should set up different price for different products; place, which means they should choose a place where people will buy it; and promotion, a strategy to promote their products to attract people to buy. Taobao is an online shopping website, which is described as Chinese largest online shopping mall. It allows small businesses to open online stores, and now sells more than 760 million different products. Taobao sells everything whether it is diamond, car, or robber band. Sellers are able to post new and used goods, and the price is negotiable. Usually, the price of products selling on the Taobao is slightly lower than people sell on a real store, and customers can negotiate with sellers if they are not satisfied with the posted price. Taobao is really convenient because it does not have regional restriction, so people can buy anything anywhere in China. When customers buy stuffs in a certain amount, Taobao will give them a free shipping option, small gifts, or return a certain amount of cash back to them. Taobao does not have segmentation, a division of market into different groups who have the same characteristics because the sellers are from all over the China and can ship their products to everywhere in China. Seller has no selling limitation for legal goods, for instance, cultural stuff, used goods, etc. Taobao’s sales has no age, income or education level segmentation—everyone can buy!
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