Taobao Analysis

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Choose an online business and point out its EC activities and mechanism


Brief introduction of TAOBAO
TAOBAO is an online shopping websites in China. Any product could be sold and bought in this website. For example, clothes, food, insurances and so on. All people can sell or buy through Taobao.

EC activities and Mechanism of Taobao
EC Mechanism
EC Activities

Electronic Markets
1. Presence and Discovery, Find information

Search Engines

Shopping Carts
2. Buy, Sell, Exchange


3. Communicate

Social Network Services

4. Other Activities

Order Processing



Electronic Markets and malls
TAOBAO offers an electronic market for buyers and sellers to buy and sell goods.
Tian-Mau is the mall that people can exchange goods there.

After clicking in the electronic mall, products are shown according to buyers’ preferences.

Search Engines
* Buyers could be able to find products in several ways. The first way is searching by typing the keywords.

* Another way is searching by speaking the keywords.
* The third way is searching by clicking the categories

Shopping Carts
Both non-member and member can add the product to the shopping carts. The days to save the chosen products into the shopping carts are longer.

The products in the shopping carts are organized automatically by different shops. The payment could be made in this shopping cart. Buyers can just simply choose the product they want to buy, then, the total amount would be calculated automatically.

Buyers can search product by looking at the catalogues in TAOBAO. There are different categories in the catalogues.

Social Network Services
Aliwangwang is the major communication method between buyers and sellers provided in TAOBAO.

After buyers installing Aliwangwang, they can contact the seller by clicking the Aliwangwang icon at the homepage of the...
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