Tao of Timbuk2
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The Tao of Timbuk2

The Tao of Timbuk2 According to the case study, The Tao of Timbuk2, the Timbuk2 bag is indestructible and it is common for it to outlive jobs, personal relationships, etc. The website allows the customer to design the bag exactly how the customer would like it. Timbuk2 awards their customers a lifetime warranty on all their products. If there is a defect in the materials or workmanship, Timbuk2 will repair or replace the bag. A key competitive dimensions driving sales for Timbuk2 is that Timbuk2 evaluates the performance and durability of their materials by testing their tensile strength, seam slippage, water column, tear abrasion, ball burst, colorfastness, etc. They pride themselves with only using materials that meet and pass an arduous test of durability. Their messenger bags are made with this durability and are popular because Timbuk2 allows their customer to visit their website and customize their bags from size, colors, logos, pockets, to straps. The bag is handmade in San Francisco and the customer receives it in 2 days. For the level of quality that Timbuk2 offers their customers, the pricing of the messenger bag is reasonable. The competitive priorities of the new laptop bags made in China are not different. Timbuk2 promises their customers when it comes to the new laptop bags that they are designed in San Francisco ant that they will provide the best features possible, quality, value, and reasonable prices. Timbuk2’s reasoning for having them manufactured in China is because of their complexity and if they were made in San Francisco, it would drive the prices to increase. In addition, the jobs created in China will create good jobs with good wages with a quality-working environment for a team of hardworking people in China. If you compare the assembly line in San Francisco to the assembly line in China, they are more than likely very similar. Volume

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