Tanning Beds

Topics: Sun tanning, Ultraviolet, Sunlight Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Helen MacDonald
November 21, 2012
Jessica Majka And Michael Melbourne
Pros and Cons of Tanning Beds
Tanning beds, also known as sunbeds, are devices that are very popular among people across the country. Just by looking in magazines or watching television anyone can see that the latest trend is to have a dark golden tan, even during the winter. Tanning beds are used by people to tan all year around; men and women are no longer forced to schedule around the weather nor are they restricted by the time of day.

Sessions with a tanning bed can significantly improve one's mood Studies have shown that individuals who use tanning facilities feel more confident with their self imagine, due to the bronzed look that starts to appear shortly after using a tanning bed. By choosing a tanning bed over tanning with natural sunlight you are choosing to have the UV rays filtered reducing the risk of your skin burning. Hence getting a tan from tanning beds is less harmful to the skin. Tanning is natural, and it works the same as tanning outdoors. The key advantage of using tanning beds is having complete operator control of the duration and intensity for the session. Which allows for a very minimal risk of sunburn. Some agencies such as Smart Tan use a device called the Tan Skin Type System, this determines what an individual's skin type is and how sensitive their skin is to the UV rays. The Tan Skin Type System will also help reduce the risk of a sunburn. The human body absorbs vitamin D through UV light. This is the body's primary way for vitamin D intake. Furthermore, researchers have come to a conclusion that having a healthy vitamin D blood level is associated with a lower chance of getting cancer, heart disease, and many other diseases. Without question there is no life without sunlight, but life with too much UV light exposure is linked to a higher skin cancer rate .

Ultraviolet rays are transmitted from the bulbs in a tanning bed. These...
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