Topics: Sun tanning, Ultraviolet, Human skin color Pages: 4 (1418 words) Published: February 26, 2013

Indoor Tanning has become increasingly popular over the last ten years. The question is it good or bad for you. The truth is indoor tanning is a fast and convenient method used by many individuals to gain skin tone and color, increase self- esteem and promote relaxation. It can be beneficial in many aspects of our lives as well as a healthier alternative to outdoor exposure. On the other hand there are always some risks at everything you do. Dermatologists today are against it for the simple fact that they believe it causes skin cancer. The history behind the tanning beds started out completely medical. If you are a tanner then this is something to think about.

A medical research company named Heraeus developed the first indoor tanning bed in 1906. The main purpose of this was to be used on people with diseases, such as rickets and other calcium deficiency disorders. It was not intended for getting a nice tan. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the invention of the artificial tanning bed was thought of by Heraeus. Artificial tanning was quickly switched from medical to cosmetics. The German scientist, Fredrick Wolff, did tests on athletes to see if the artificial sunlight would increase their performance. He instead wound up with just really tan athletes. The eye appealing golden tan grew rapidly. Mid-teens to early forties are mainly the age group that engages in the indoor tanning beds (Tanning Beds).

Many women/men who have busy schedules find it easy to quickly run to the tanning bed to get the beautiful appealing skin color. Being able to do this would be beneficial to some people because it doesn’t take as long and sitting out in the sun. There is a controlled dosage of the ultraviolet rays to reassure the consumer does not receive too much UV ray, this dosages should be spread out over several sessions. A great aspect of tanning is clients get privacy in their own booth. Weight, being too white, tan lines and uncomfortable bathing suits...
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