Tanglewood Stores Case 3

Topics: Customer service, Recruitment, Employment agency Pages: 4 (1222 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Tanglewood Stores Case 3
1) Recruitment Guide for Store Associate
Position: Store Associate
Reports to: Department Manager/Store Manager
Qualifications: College graduate or any individual who has retail and/or customer service experience Relevant labor market: The states of Washington and Oregon
Timeline: No specific timeline, ongoing recruitment process
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: Kiosks
Staffing Agencies
Staff Members Involved:
Corporate HR Management Team
Regional Managers
Store Managers
Budget: $75,000 per store
2) The best targets for the position of Store Associate at Tanglewood Stores would be recent college graduates who are looking to build a career with a growing company wherein there will be many opportunities to move up. Also, any individuals with retail and/or customer service experience would be ideal targets as they will be capable of understanding and maintaining the Tanglewood philosophy that is founded in excellent customer service.

The media method of recruiting is more open as it does not target any particular demographic other than radio listeners, newspaper readers, or those who watch television. This method will result in people of all educational and professional backgrounds receiving the message. The referrals method of recruiting is a targeted method as current employees are the ones referring potential candidates, thus the only people recruited via this method are going to be acquaintances/friends of current employees. Kiosks fall somewhere in between open and targeted recruiting, as they are open in that anybody who has access to the store kiosk can apply yet only Tanglewood Stores customers would likely be aware of the kiosk so it is also targeted in a way towards customers of the store. The state job services method of recruiting is targeted as Tanglewood Stores would provide the employment service with a set of desired qualifications for applicants. Thus, the only...

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