Tanglewood Store case 1

Topics: Employment, Virgil Tibbs, Skill Pages: 5 (1255 words) Published: October 9, 2014
Date: January 28, 2014

To: Daryl Perrone
Staffing Services Manager

Subject to:

These are the assessment and recommendation I have suggested to Tanglewood Store to pay attention for centralization of the organization’s practices and the improvements of staffing levels and quality.

1.Acquire or Develop Talent

As I read the case, the Tanglewood Store has many employees. It has 215 employees per store. I think that the organization should choose Develop Talent. They have enough employees already so instead of acquiring more employees they will just develop and train the skills and talent of their employees. In that way the company will gain competitive advantage by using them in the future. 2.Hire Yourself or Outsource

In my opinion, Tanglewood Store should choose Hire Yourself. There’s no need in using outsource because the organization itself will be the one to recruit and select employees. It will lower the expenses of the organization because they don’t have to acquire certain person to help them in decision making in hiring employees. They have their own bases on how to acquire people; recommendations are provided to the store like advertising for new recruits through internet based strategy.

3.External or internal
I think that Tanglewood Store should acquire External Hiring because based on the case the organization has been experiencing the rapid organization growth since 1984 until several years. Because of this they have to use the expansion strategy which there’s a possibility that a number of new jobs created. Many employees will be needed to fill in the new jobs created so they will come up on hiring externally because they can’t put another task on the regular employees it can cause labor shortage.

4. Core or Flexible Workforce

As I read the case, Tanglewood Store should focus on both Core and Flexible Workforce. All their employees are members of the core workforce. I suggest that they should retain and avoid letting go because they don’t know that they are sacrificing those have the talent and potential to carry the work. The organization should develop and train their employees as the case state there that the organization itself seeks to develop and maintain. And also they should use flexible workforce because in times of peak seasons such Christmas they need temporary employees to avoid labor shortage and for fast production.

5.Hire or Retrain.

I think it will be wise if Tanglewood prioritize retaining employees. Instead of hiring more employees why don’t they just retain their employees to develop talent and train their skills? The organization itself seeks those qualified inviduals who will carry the Tanglewood philosopy in the future. This means that nees employees who are highly skilled one and have the talent that can be used by organization. So I think it is a must that they should retain their employees in order to achieve their goals.

6.National or Global

In my opinion, Tanglewood Store should use Global. Because of inevitable expansion of organization they surely can’t avoid to acquire more employees. To be globally competitive the tanglewood should offshore to other country so that the business will expand more and can acquire employees cheaply. By offshoring the company can minimize their expenses because they can manufacture goods or provide services more cheaply than they can in their own country and in addition they can discover more talented and highly skilled out there. 7.Attract or Relocate

I think that Tanglewood should use relocate because it is better to meet those potential people in personal than attracting them to go to your company. The organization will go to the other country to search potential employees and they have the opportunity to survey some universities that have high rate of talented and skilled graduates. And approach them to convince to work with the organization. By acquiring them, the company...
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