Tanglewood Case 6 Final Draft

Topics: Question, Interview / Pages: 13 (3957 words) / Published: Jul 14th, 2015
To: Daryl Perrone and Marilyn Gonzalez
From: B.B.P.S. & V. Consulting Company:
Christopher Bailey, Kristen Brownell, Fernanda Perez, Paisley Stidham, Kalyn Valentine
Date: November 12, 2013
Subject: Selection Plan and Structured Interview Development: Department Manager
Due to the lack of structure to the selection process for department managers, we have decided to do our research and figure out how to solve this problem. As of right now, department managers are being interviewed and selected the same way that store associates are, but since the position of department manager requires considerably more responsibility and intellectual work, the process has to be fixed. Since we have determined our central problem, the first step in this process is developing a detailed selection plan specifically set up for the department manager. A selection plan concludes what KSA’s are necessary for the position and whether the current methods of assessment are beneficial to finding the right candidates for the job. It also lets us see what KSA’s are not being adequately measured within the current system so that we know what we can include in the new and updated system. Below is the selection plan created for the department manager position.

As you can see in the selection plan above, a few of the KSA’s are not being sufficiently measured by the methods of assessments that are currently being used. This is causing a hiring of department managers that do not have the necessary KSA’s for the position, which is creating problems for the company. To solve this problem, interview questions will have to be created to support the existing selection plan that will focus primarily on the KSA’s that are not being measured. This will include the following:
1. Knowledge of organizational policies and procedures- Department managers have to coordinate department activities with the store’s policies, in consultation with assistant store

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