Tanglewood Case 3

Topics: Costs, Variable cost, Fixed cost Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: September 14, 2011
Tanglewood Case 3
Karrie McHugh
Keller Graduate School of Management
Eric Simmerman
HR594- Strategic Staffing

Like most retailers, Tanglewood experiences a fairly stable turnover rate keeping the recruiting efforts high. Tanglewood’s recruiting methods vary in each of their regions. By looking at these different methods from the different ways that each of their regions hire, we have a great opportunity to improve the operations of the company. Be reviewing these methods we are able to create a guide that will be functional along with their recruiting services that really reflects their own personality. We need to create one method for all the locations to go by to improve the current recruiting methods. Below is a recruiting guide to follow: Recruiting guide for Store Associates

Position: Store Associate
Reports to: General Manager
Qualifications: All considered
Relevant labor market: Western Washington
Timeline: Continuous recruiting
Activities to undertake to source well qualified candidates: Local and regional newspapers
Post openings to company’s website
Request employee referrals
Employ a staffing agency
Job fairs
Staff members involved: HR Managers, Department managers, and Shift leaders Budget: $2,000-6000

Tanglewood should recruit those who have significant KSAOs because those applicants have been shown to work toward bonuses and rewards and seem to try their best. They also show the most promise of being productive. Applicants would prefer the packages offered my Tanglewood if they have the drive to want to be promoted and work hard. This in return will benefit the company and they will be able to gain knowledge from people with KSAOs. With the cohesion of company and employee this will empower to the employee to work their hardest and to the best of their ability. Recruiting Yield Data

Western Washington
MediaReferralsKioskJob services
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