Tanglewood Case 3

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Tanglewood Case #3
Nelson Ivan Castro
PID# 3774408

1. Recruitment Guide

Position: Sales Associate

Reports to: Store Manager

Qualifications: High School Diploma.
Good communication and writing skills.
Leadership and analytical skills.
Ability to learn and apply a variety of policies and procedures. Work effectively as a part of a team.
Relevant Labor Market: Regional Northeast
Timeline: There are continuous hiring activities to interview future candidates for the positions.
Activities to undertake to source well-qualified candidates: * Employee referrals
* Posting job on company site
* Radio and newspaper advertising
* Job services
* Staffing Agency
Staff Members involved:
* Store Manager
* Store Assistant Manager
* Department Manager
$2000- $3500
2. We understand that recruitment is one of the most difficult aspects for an organization, who is looking for potential employees. There are different types of recruitment, but I believe that Tanglewood should use an Open Recruitment process. This step will allow them to have a variety of applicants from different races, cultures and ages. Also, it will allow them to recruit employees with different strengths and weaknesses, helping them to create a team work that is supported by all of its members. On the other hand, Tanglewood can use targeted recruitment for high management positions that might require specific KSAOs, so the job can be developed.

* Media: Tanglewood is media advertising, such as print, radio, and television advertising sources, coupled with respondents filling out a standardized job application. This is an open method of recruitment since it gives the opportunity to a large body of people to apply for the job.

* Referrals: it is a targeted method since allow employees from Tanglewood to promote and show the positions available to people who might meet the job requirements.
* Kiosk: Is an open method since a large variety of people to apply for any position at the store, instead of writing on a piece of paper their personal information, they type it into the system.

* State Job Services: It can be an open method since all unemployed people can look for any positions available. However, it can be targeted since some positions will require some specific qualifications for certain positions available.

* Staffing Agency: It can be both targeted an open since they can look for special people with specific qualifications, and people with basic skills for any regular job.

3. Western Washington branches find that referrals possess a higher qualification and retention rate than kiosks, media and job service; it also provides the highest percent of applicants hired. Furthermore, Job service is very practical for this side of the company, even though the percentages and the number of applicants hired are less; it provides the same satisfaction as referrals. On the Eastern Washington branches, referrals also play an important role in the recruitment process, even though Kiosks and media both provide a high number of applicants, the hiring and retention rate for referrals is way much higher allowing this to be an important tool for this branch to find future employees. On the other hand, for Northern Oregon branches find that by using staffing agencies a better way to find their employees since it provides them with a higher qualification, short and longer retention. The Kiosks and media provide certain type of percentage and even though they are cheaper, they are not as effective as hiring an agency. Finally, In Southern Oregon Kiosks provide the bigger pool of applicants, but it holds a low retention and qualification rate. In this branches they also prefer to use staffing...
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