Tanglewood Case 2

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Question 1c

Environmental Scan

The labor market of the Pacific Northwest indicates a high unemployment rate, and therefore difficult environment for individuals to find new jobs. There tends to be a consistent supply of qualified individuals in the urban markets of Seattle and Spokane, however it is difficult to recruit these college-educated individuals into entry-level positions in a retail environment. Retail stores tend to have a reputation of requiring long hours of work, including weekends and holidays, with little compensation. It is difficult to hire individuals that are willing to start in an entry-level position and work their way up over the years into managerial positions. Tanglewood prefers to promote from within, allowing the managerial employees to grow with the company, already experienced with the social and cultural environment. This limits the ability to hire an individual directly into a managerial position, but increases the loyalty of entry-level employees that are willing to stick it out until there are advancement opportunities.

Question 1e

Preliminary Statement of Action Plan for Hiring for Washington Next Year


To: Tanglewood Store Managers

From: Jane Doe

Date: November 1, 2013

Re: Action Plan for Hiring at Washington Stores in the Next Year

Tanglewood is known for using internal promotions to fill vacancies for department manager, assistant store manager, and store manager. It has been projected that 16% of shift leaders will be promoted to department manager, 12% of department managers will be promoted to assistant store manager, and 8% of assistant store managers will be promoted to store manager.

After conducting the Markov Analysis, it has been determined that in order to meet projected staffing levels we will need to fill the following positions:

Store associates: 3995
Shift leaders: 90
Department Managers: 156
Assistant Store Managers: We actually have a projection of 21 too many in this position Store Managers: 5

Current sales associates should be given the opportunity to request promotions when available, or to transfer to other sales positions throughout the company. This will allow associates the ability to increase knowledge of the company, and increase their loyalty to the company as well. With the projections of only 46-66% of employees staying in the same position over a one-year period, it is important to ensure current associates feel appreciated and important.

Tanglewood believes that, in order to preserve the company’s unique culture and values over time, all new employees spend a period of time working in the store as an associate. This requires that store associate openings would need to be filled by external hiring.

In in order to fill the 3,995 positions for store associates Tanglewood should focus on hiring entry level employees such as high school students, college students, retired individuals, or high school graduates that have not continued their education. With the past success of interenet-based hiring strategies, Tanglewood should develop recruitment ads for employment websites. Another method of recruitment that should be considered is through employee referrals. It is important that Tanglewood retain sales associates that are experienced and reliable. By hiring high school students, retirees, and college students, there will be the opportunity to retain these employees for several years before they may exit the company or other opportunities.

Examine the percentages of employee representation across demographic categories for Tanglewood and the available labor market for Table 1.3. Are there any particular classes or jobs where the representation within Tanglewood appears to be out of line with the available workforce? What does the pattern suggest to you?

A comparison of percentages of employee...
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