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Tanglewood Case 1
The focus of this paper is to assess the current operational environment of Tanglewood and offer recommendations on how the organization should implement staffing strategies in regards to developing an effective selection plan. Organization Overview and Mission

Tanglewood is a general retail store that has carved out a niche in the retail market providing outdoor clothing and equipment to a middle -and-upper income clientele base. Tanner Emerson and Thurston Wood founded Tanglewood in 1975 in Spokane Washington. Today, the retail chain as massed 243 stores across the Western part of the United States. Tanglewood’s mission is to stay true to their vision of offering the customer a small personable shopping experience while adhering to their core values and commitment to their customers, shareholders, and employees. Competition and Industry

In reviewing the financials, we find that Tanglewood is a moderately sized organization with strong growth potential in the retail market. Tanglewood’s chief competitors are Target and Kohl’s department stores. In regards to the compound growth rate over the next 5 years, we see that Tanglewood is at 9.3% and 14.2 % rate in the next year. We see in Table 1 these figures are in close relation to Target, but well above those of Kohl’s. Table 1: Competition

Competitive Response and Strategy
Tanglewood has created a niche market for itself because it appeals to the middle-and-upper income customers that enjoy the great outdoors. This organization has achieved this by offering reasonably priced, quality products while exceeding the customers’ expectations. Tanglewood’s décor is an outdoor theme that gives the customer a wide variety of merchandise to choose from including several proprietary brands.

“The County Store” web portal has been a valuable asset for Tanglewood by presenting the customer a clear guide to the types of merchandise the brick and mortar store offers while allowing the customers to...
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