Tangle Wood Case 1

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Tanglewood Case #1
Paper #1
Strategic staffing Decisions
Gary Rice

Mr. Penchiala,

After an in-depth review of Tanglewood’s processes for staffing I have concluded that to be succesfull in expantion Tanglewood needs to address its staffing strategy by making key decisions about acquisition, retention and deployment of the organization I will address the 13 key elements in staffing strategy. They are: Staffing Levels

• Acquire or develop talent
• Hire or retain
• External or internal hiring
• Hire yourself or Outsource
• Core or flexible workforce
• National or global
• Attract or relocate
• Overstaff or understaff
• Short or Long Term Focus
And Staffing Quality
• Person/Job and Person Organizational Match
• Specific or General KSAO’S
• Exceptional or acceptable quality
• Active or Passive Diversity
Each will be discussed as to how it can be affective for Tanglewood and which the best decision for Tanglewood is. Acquire versus developing talent
The three biggest categories when looking at strategic staffing are acquire or develop talent, hire or retain and hire external or internal. All of these can be one in the same. From Tanglewood’s perspective it needs to use all of these techniques. Currently when a new hire comes in and is slated for a management position or corporate position they must work the sales and store aspects of business to get the culture and the core values of the company. A mixture of hiring and developing current talent is the best solution for Tanglewood. When making the decisions to acquire talent they must look at hiring peak performers and people that can come in to the company with great knowledge, speed, education and an open mind to help develop the current programs. Developing talent will help promote the internal morale and the growth of potential long term management individuals. While doing your recruiting either way will have cost and benefits it is best to get the right person for the job. This might cause friction among current employees but the overall goal of expanding and doing it with ease is the direction the company needs to head. Hire yourself or Outsource

Many companies are switching to an outsourcing program to recruit and hire. I think that the Tanglewood has proven already that the HR department is strong enough to grow with the expansion and handle all of the processes needed. The HR department might need to add talent itself first to do such tasks. Core or flexible workforce

The core workforce is your everyday people to the company. This is everyone that is a working person on a day to day basis. A flexible workforce is people that are on an as needed basis or temporary employees. These type of employees are good during high seasons like the winter time from Halloween to Valentines day for extra help and the are good fill ins during the opening process of new establishments. If Tanglewood has developed a store opening team, and has developed managers and store team members for success then the need for flexible workers is eliminated. The only time I can foresee Tanglewood using a flexible workforce is during the holiday season.

National or global
When looking at the expansion of the business it is important to understand that ever aspect of the business will grow including all of the Human Resource jobs. The decision needs to be made weather or not to outsource these duties or keep them in house. As discussed above I would rather keep the expansion going and let the HR department grow as the rest of the company grows. HR outsourcing is the outsourcing of peripheral but necessary administrative tasks such as payroll, benefits, education/training, recruiting personnel, administration, to realize economies of scale and achieve standardization of services. Should the company decide to not to expand the HR and outsource the decision...
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