Tangerine Compare and Contrast Essay

Topics: Edward Bloor, Attack, Attack! Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Compare and Contrast Essay.

In the novel Tangerine By Edward Bloor, we read about Paul a twelve-year-old boy who struggles with legal blindness, and he also feels neglected by his parents. Paul realizes that his older brother Erik is a cruel and a twisted child. Paul tries to get his parents to see his point of view, but has trouble getting the message to them. Paul and his brother Erik, though related have many differences, but also a few similarities that make them unique characters of interest in the novel. Erik and Paul Fisher, though related by birth are both different in many ways. Erik Fisher has anger issues, he is cruel, and he is responsible for a death and robberies that occurred in the local town. In the story, Erik demonstrates his inability to manage his anger, when he slapped Victor and cut his face with a ring, after they had an argument about baseball. In another incident, Erik and his friend were caught writing graffiti on neighborhood walls. Erik assumed that it was Paul who reported it to the police. As a result, Erik ran home, grabbed Paul and threw him to the ground. He held Paul’s eye opened while his friend sprayed white paint in his brother’s eye. While Erik struggles with anger management, he also shows how cruel he can be.

Erik and his friend Arthur were responsible for the death of Luis Cruz. Luis challenged them to a fight, after hearing about them hitting his little brothers Victor and Tino the day before. The boys argued, then Erik told Arthur to ‘take care of the problem’. While Erik and Luis continued the argument Arthur snuck up behind Louis and struck him in the head with his a blackjack (an item policemen use for defense against criminals). When Luis fell to the ground, both boys laughed and walked away, leaving him unconscious and eventually to die. Erik was very persuasive, had a cruel mind, and because of his lead, Louis was dead. Besides anger issues, and cruelty, Erik was also a key player in the robberies that...
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