Taming - the Little Prince

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Taming is mutual relationship. To tame, you must let yourself be tamed. The Little Prince tamed the rose, whilst the rose tamed The Little Prince. When you tame someone or something you start to care for and understand the person your taming. You feel responsible for them and their feelings. Since their "yours" you want to take care of them. The Little Prince felt responsible for the roses well being once he was gone. He loved her and wanted her to be safe and happy, but without The Little Prince she was sad and in danger. There was no way for The Little Prince to know how she was doing.

A very similar thing happened with The Little Prince and the narrator. The Little Prince was more tamed by the rose than he was by the narrator. He already felt an obligation to the rose; therefore it was harder for him to be tamed. He felt the rose needed him, and his attraction to the rose was stronger, therefore he left the narrator to go see is rose.

Most of the time, people get tamed by accident. The Little Prince tamed the narrator by accident. The Little Prince didn't want to tame or be tamed. He wanted to take care of his planet, his rose, his baobab trees ect. But because he intervened in the narrators life, shared secrets and wisdom unseen by the narrator before, because he charmed his way into the narrators heart, The Little Prince will never be forgotten
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