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Tamil proverbs
From Wikiquote This page is for proverbs from Tamil language, one of the 21 official languages in India. This article does not cite its references or sources. You can help Wikiquote by introducing appropriate citations. See also: Telugu proverbs, Kannada proverbs, Malayalam proverbs, Sanskrit proverbs, Hindi proverbs, Bengali proverbs, Kashmiri proverbs, Indian proverbs

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Aatril pOttAlum aLandhu pOdu ■ ‚ ƒ y ´ |¢ ž ■ Even when throwing in the river, measure what you throw ■ Think before you spend your resources. Aazham paakamal kaalai vidadhe ■  t ƒ Ž ■ Don't step in the river without knowing its depth. ■ Look before you leap. Aazhaakku arisi, moozhaakkup paanai, mudhaliyar varugira veeraappap paarum ■ t” ¾ , ¬ t”~ ,«  ¯ “ ~ ~ ¯ ■ Half an ounce of rice, a quarter ounce pot. But look at the false pride of the mudhaliyar. Ainthil Valayaathathu Aimbathil Valayaathu ■ | ƒ ¢  ƒ ¢ ■ What won't bend at five will not bend at fifty (literal) ■ You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Agathin Azhagu Mugathil Theriyum ■ { } ”« { ƒ ¾­ ■ The beauty of the soul is shown in the face (literal) ■ Face is the index of the mind.



Tamil proverbs - Wikiquote

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Arai koththarisi anna dhaanam. Vidiya vidiya maela thaalam. ■ { ¾ }  . Žœ Žœ . ■ Half a pot of rice is given as charity. But the announcing drumming is done all night. Aadath thireyathaval medaii konal enralaam ■ { ¾ „ ƒ } ■ She who cannot dance says the stage is imperfect (literal) ■ A bad workman blames his tools. Adi mel adi vaithal ammium nagarum ■ œ ƒ œ { ƒ  ­ ¯ ■ If you keep hitting it, even the ammi will move. (Ammi is a large grind stone usually not moved from its position) (literal) ■ Try and try till you succeed. Arukka maattaadhaan kayyil 58 aruvaalam ■ ²t y } Žƒ 58 ¾  ■ The one who does not know to cut has 58 sickles in his hand. (literal, sarcastic) ■ The man is more important than the tools. Aakkap porthuavanukku aarap porukkavillai' ■ t ~ ²{ §t” ~ ²t Žƒ ■ He could wait for the food to be cooked, but couldn't wait for it cool down (literal) ■ You waited this much, wait just a bit more. Aarellaam paalaaip ponaalum naai nakkiththaan kudikkum ■ ƒ  €~ ´ € t { } ”œt” ■ Even if a river flows with milk, a dog can take in only one lick at a time (literal) ■ What one learns is limited by ones capacity to take in (understand). 

CiRu nuNalum than vAyAl kedum ■ ²¤ ´ } ƒ ž ■ Even the tiny frog is spoilt by its mouth (literal) - because its noise invites snakes. ■ Know when to keep quiet.

eRumbu oorak kallum thEyum ■ ²© t ƒ´ ­ ■ Even ants can wear out a rock (literal)



Tamil proverbs - Wikiquote

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■ Persistence never fails Ettuch chuRaikkAi kUttukku uthavAthu ■ yžv ˜ t € •yžt” ¢ ■ A picture of a vegetable can't be used in a koottu ('koottu' is a sort of stew made with vegetables and lentils) (literal) ■ Bookish knowledge is no match for real experience.

innA seithArai oRuththal avar nANa nannayam seithu vidal } € ²{ ƒ  }  €¢ Ž ƒ ( ¯t” „) ■ Make a wrong doer feel shy, by doing him a favour. (Source: Thirukkural) ■ If others harm you, do good unto them, so that they are shamed into realizing their mistakes. ■ izhavukku vanthavaL thAliaruppALA? ■ ºt” | „ ¯~ ? ■ A lady who came for a condolence wouldn't cut off her thAli (literal) - thAli signifies marital bond, and it is cut off only when the husband dies. A lady attending a funeral can't become a widow herself. ■ The problems of a person cannot be shifted to others.

kudigAran pEchchu vidinjA pOchu ■ ”œ } v˜ Žœx v˜ ■ A drunkard's words are gone by the next dawn. kAkkaikum than kunju pon kunju ■ t t” } ”x˜ } ”x˜ ■ Even a crow thinks its child is golden. kadugu ciruththAlum kAram kuraiyAthu ■ ž”...
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