Tamil Media Industry

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(*Prof. K.*Sashi Rao)
We also take privilege in honoring our institution IIPM for allowing us to carry out our project in our area of interest. We thank Raj Network, Sun Network, Star Vijay and Jaya Network for giving us this opportunity. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped us in getting the useful inputs which has gone a long way to increase our knowledge. We would be failing in our duty if we do not thank our parents and friends without whose well wishes, this project might not have become a success. Table of Contents

The Study deal with three key areas of focus:
(1) An analysis of how the mass media informally educate their audiences through their descriptions and presentations of significant information. (2) The results of a series of interviews with a theoretical sample of people that explores how they describe themselves and how they perceive the quality of information being provided and also they were asked to respond about their perception on different channels. Thus, resulting in analysis of how effective they are in terms of attracting and satisfying to the need of their viewers. 3) Strategies Adopted & Challenges faced by Channels for successful establishment. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY:

To study the consumers attitude towards the Raj Network
To analyze the customer preference towards Raj Network. To study about how to help Raj Network to increase its Revenue. To study about how further strategies and investment could be followed to improve the Raj Network. SCOPE OF THE STUDY: This study is confined to Chennai. Further study can be made in other cities also. This study may help the company to find out about the attitude of the Raj Network. The findings of this study may help the company to implement proper strategies that would attract more viewers (audiences). COMPANY PROFILE

It is being telecasted in 135 countries
Research methodology underlines the various steps involved by the researcher in systematically solving the problem with the objective of determining various facts. The major purpose of analytical research is to analyze the state affaires as it exists at present. Analytical research includes survey and in-depth analysis of variables. The research plan calls for gathering primary and secondary data. The Sampling Method adopted for the present study is Simple Random Sampling METHODS OF DATA COLLECTION

Primary Data
Secondary Data
Table 1
*The number of *hours a respondent watching television in a day {draw:frame}
_From the above table it can be inferred that nearly half (46%) of the respondents watch television for 3 to 5 hours a day and the least population of about 8% spend time for watching television more than 5 hours a day._ Table-2

The time slot preferred by respondents to watch television {draw:frame}
_It can be inferred from the above table that, 7 P.M to 10 P.M is the peak hours for watching television and with very less respondents being interested to watch television early morning and late night after 10 P.M which covers only 5%._ Table-3

The respondents preference towards various programmes telecasted on Television {draw:frame}
Table -4
The number of respondents watching various Tamil Channels
Table -5
The rating of various Tamil channels according to the preference of respondents Table-6
The perception of respondents to...
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