Talk Radio and Totally Different Personalities

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Mini’s father and the Cabulliwallah had many differences. Her father didn’t have much time for chatter as did the Cabulliwallah. Her father was wealthy as the Cabulliwallah was not. They were from different countries as well and two totally different personalities.

Mini’s father was a very busy writer whom was working on a novel and didn’t have much time to listen to his very talkative child. On the other hand, there was the Cabulliwallah, who had nothing but time. He enjoyed talking to the little girl because she reminded him of his little girl back home.

Another difference between the two was their jobs and stature. As I stated earlier Mini’s father was a writer who was working on a novel. The Cabulliwallah was a man from Afghanistan who traveled far to India to sell his fruits to support his family back home. While he was in India he happened to make good friends with the five year old little girl, Mini, and enjoyed her company. He got her in his comfort zone by offering her nuts and fruit, never expecting payment in return.

Mini and her father were from India and as I stated before, the Cabulliwallah was from Afghanistan. When Mini first saw the big Cabulliwallah man with his big bags and boxes he frightened her. She assumed that he had little children such as her tied up inside the bags that he carried. She would go hide behind her mother so that man wouldn’t get her. A few days later, her father noticed her chattering with the Cabulliwallah man. He wondered how they got so close but at the same time he was grateful that he could now finish his novel without interruptions from his five year old little girl.

Mini’s father seemed to be a bit disturbed and irritated by his little girl’s talkativeness. She was clearly interrupting him while he was trying to finish his novel. The Cabulliwallah man had more patience to tolerate the little girl. They even had little jokes that only they understood. He got on her level and didn’t mind her just rambling on...
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