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talk is cheap

By claudinamahon Mar 08, 2014 857 Words

Claudina Mahon
"Is talk cheap"
People can talk about what they plan to do and what they are capable of doing, but unless further action is taken, such talk is just a fruitless pursuit. On the other hand, it is important that one should not confuse motion with action. A person can consume themselves with work that could always have them moving on their feet, but if there is no initiative done beyond a regular routine of work, all efforts are wasted. They may not only speak about brilliant ideas, but also create brilliant strategies to put ideas into action. Such people also prepare themselves for the inevitable rejection from those who are too afraid to move, too afraid to act. As an individual who belongs in category of people that move, I believe I am one who not only speaks with an iron fist, but an independent person who is not afraid to move along with life’s challenges.  Growing up in this world, I have come across the common ambitious person who plans on becoming a doctor, lawyer, or even a basketball player. However, I have also come across people who would describe these dreams as "unrealistic" or "ridiculous". Such people are the simple-minded immovable individuals that are unfamiliar with how strong the rush of ambition can become once a certain dream is put in set. These people essentially become the fuel for my movement because their doubts continue to motivate me to move even stronger and with more confidence. With my steadfast attitude, I make sure to move towards all the opportunities available to me and never let them slip from my fingertips. So far I have explored numerous activities which have moved me to the right path in ultimately defining who I am one who never waits for someone else to be moved into doing anything I set my mind to. I can specifically remember my first bus ride alone in the city as a test of my independence and a journey into the big world. Through my journey, I have been moved into different directions and shown that with movement comes uncertainty and fear of failure. However, I have learned that uncertainty can be a factor that can slow movement, but never an excuse for me to stop movement. Of the category of people that move, motivation is the key. Without motivation, there is no drive for action, and one becomes dependent on some else directing them on what they should do. With my motivation, I have not let my actions be controlled by the words of others, but have used these as words continue to move me into the right direction of my future. Unfortunately, people on the make seem to have a keener appreciation of the power of words, as the magic road to other power, than do people defending values that seem to them too obvious to require words. The expression, goes without saying it is a fatal trap. Few things go without saying some of the most valuable things in life may go away without saying whether loved ones in one’s personal life or the freedom of survival. The power of words go as far as saying that society is taking a step back when it comes to processing and spreading thoughts and ideas. Mankind has indeed come a long way. With the upcoming of modern telecommunication, it is common to try to compress ever more information into shorter and shorter messages. Thus, writing often becomes cryptic and encoded and may even need deciphering. This tendency makes communication more implicit and superficial. We also tend to let pictures or symbols do all the talking for us. Yes, a picture paints a thousand words, but it still would be pleasant to be able to cum up with the words as well. The modern innovations have created an unquenchable thirst for people to communicate with each other. Especially, since approximately sixty percent of all human communication is non verbal and another thirty percent of what we say is shaped by tone. We should never forget that face-to-face conversation means to communicate on very broad scale and appreciate its value. We can neither convey tone by sending thousands of messages, nor can we look into the eyes of a speaker. We cannot observe the physical reaction of our counterpart to our utterances in order to incorporate them in the further course of the conversation. At lot of problems of our lives or maybe in the world in general probably could be solved, if people talked more to one another. Communication should always be off limits when it comes to efficiency and briefness. Modern communication replaces beauty with efficiency and emotions with symbols The Internet and mobile communication are extraordinary achievements. However, people are as of now utterly overcharged and in danger to be washed away by the flood of information that is befalling them. It is time that we rethink and learn how to utilize those inventions properly.


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