Taliyahs wonderful adventuresMy fear of spiders

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Taliyahs wonderful adventures

My fear of spiders life

TAliyah Gould

Do you know the one thing I am terrified of? It is the one thing everyone is scared of, spiders. I’ve always been afraid of spiders but since these two incidents, I can’t even get past them without making a scene. If you do read this, be prepared to hear the nastiest and most terrifying story of your life. The reason I’m so terrified of these arachnids is because I’m a tomboy/girly girl. I’m a tomboy when it comes to heavy-duty work like landscaping and moving. Sometimes I act like a girly girl when it comes to clothes and jewelry. Therefore, at the time I was being a tomboy pulling weeds and getting dirty. It took place in 2010, and I was about to go in the house When my sisters started to scream really loud. I got frightened and said, “Why in the world did you scare me like that cause you almost made me fall into the window!?” They said, “There’s a spider!”

I got so mad so I was looking for the “spider” because when they said spider I thought they were taking about an ant. Three seconds later, they said “no don’t move, it’s on your back”. I started screaming, hollering like someone was getting attacked by a hollering monkey, and the hollering monkey was hollering. Therefore, they said stop moving and hold still. I held my

I got in the shower and did not come out until I felt like I was clean “which 30 minutes was?”About two years later I was in my basement playing with my friends and we were chillen making bracelets, I just happened to look up and I saw the spider. I was staring at it for a couple minutes  nasty biggest spider came down it was literally the size small/medium gumball and I didn’t know that One of my friends said “TAliyah what are you, OMG is th-th-th-that a sp-i-i-i-Ider” (keep in mind she has a stuttering problem) and I said what oooooooooooohh yes It is on a count of three Amanda you hand me a shoe and angie go tell are moms so I...
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