taliban restrictions

Topics: Taliban, Pakistan, Hazara people Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: March 30, 2014
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Taliban Restrictions
The Taliban imposed many restrictions on the people of Afghanistan especially towards the women because they didn’t see them as equals to men. Women are treated worse than animals by the Taliban because most animals have more rights than them. Many other restrictions apply to those other than women like kite flying which to them is considered “un-Islamic”. Taliban has gone too far with their restrictions, going from women’s dress code, to flying a kite on a nice breezy day, they have enforced these inhumane rules.

Women have no respect from anyone in the Taliban, they are seen as inhumane and are treated worse than animals, which are protected by law to not be caged, and women on the other hand are trapped inside the walls of their home unless they are accompanied by a mahram, a close relative or husband. Women for the most part have to be fully clothed from the top of the head all the way down the ankles unless they want to be punished severely in public. Women must not talk loudly because a stranger should never hear a woman’s voice or a woman’s footsteps. The Taliban feel that women shouldn’t be involved in social networks or have a social life outside of their home besides producing children and raising them to continue the generation. Women were barely existent in Afghanistan due to the many restrictions forced upon them by the unjust rule of the Taliban, but the Taliban was soon defeated and women were finally brought their justice of being humane again.

Women weren’t the only one getting restrictions kite flying or kite fighting was also outlawed in Afghanistan because it was “un-Islamic” according to the Taliban. The Afghan people didn’t want to give up kite flying thought because that would be the same as giving up their culture. Anything that is considered un-Islamic to the Taliban is banned because they wanted to make the country pure Islam. I don’t understand this restriction they used to have because I...
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