Taliban in Afghanistan

Topics: Taliban, Osama bin Laden, Afghanistan Pages: 5 (2196 words) Published: September 5, 2011
1)Afghanistan was once a place of relative peace. A place where one could do as they please and have the freedoms to be who they wanted to be. But a few years would change that all. Everything that the citizens of Afghanistan knew, their entire way of life would change. The cause? The Taliban. The Taliban are an extremist Muslim group from Afghanistan. The Taliban, who call themselves Jihad or “freedom fighters” are the most brutal extremist Muslims in the world. To understand the Taliban you must understand how they where able to gain control of Afghanistan ,there rule during the time period they controlled Afghanistan, and how they were overthrown by opposition groups. 2)During the 1980s Afghanistan was being over run by the Soviet Union. During this period the citizens of Afghanistan believed anyone would be better rulers then the foreign Soviet Union. This mind set is what allowed for the Taliban to take power. At the beginning of the Taliban take over ,and rule, the citizens of Afghanistan supported the Taliban. To the villagers ,who had not seen peace in over fourteen years, the Taliban where a group of organized Muslims who wanted to recreate Afghanistan to its former glory. Which is exactly what they had longed for. The citizens of the capital, Kabul, also had high hopes for the Taliban who they thought could rebuild the economy and create a centralized government (Stewart 30). The Taliban emerged as a united entity when they were asked by the Pakistan government to protect a trade route from Pakistan to Central Asia(“The Taliban”). The story of how they came about is rather vague, it is said that they heard about two mujahideen who had kidnapped two young girls and were repeatedly raping them. Once they heard about this, they found the mujahdeen and hung them and set the two young girls free (Stewart 28). This act would later be contradictory to their treatment of women. During 1994, the Taliban took control of 12 of 34 providences not under central government power, disarming the "heavily armed population" They began to take government controlled areas starting in september 1996 when they took Kandahar and where able to take the Capital of Afghanistan, Kabul. While the Taliban had been surprisingly peaceful in the takeover of the cities and villages in the south when they entered Northern Afghanistan, where the majority of the population was Hazars they showed violence that would soon be the way of their rule. They went into villages and killed thousands of the villagers one man who fled stated that “[The Taliban] came and destroyed everything shooting and killing people-even donkeys-with knives and poking out the eyes out of people with steel rods. They did not leave a single house standing in my village.” (Stewart 33)They were stopped in the city of Mazar-i- Sharif In October of 1997. This was a win for the Shi’ite minority, most of whom where Hazaras, who held the city of Mazar-i-Sharif as a scared city. But this win for the Shi’ite was short lived. After this defeat for the Taliban, Pakistan religious schools sent reinforcements to the Taliban, which gave the what they needed to have the force to control Afghanistan. And in the Fall of 1999 they took Mazar-i-Sharif. Later to be know as the worst civilian atrocity in Afghanistan, the Massacre of Mazar-i-Sharif brought about the death of thousands of women, men, and children. When the Taliban entered the city of Mazar-i-Sharif their purpose was not to wage war against enemies of Islam but to rid Afghanistan of the Hazara minority that they thought were poising their country. The founder and leader of the Taliban once stated “All Tajiks should go to Tujikistan, the Uzbeks to Uzbekistan, and the Hazara to Ghoristan” (Ghotistan is the word for cemetery) (Stewart 33). During the Taliban campaign to rule Afghanistan thousands of people lost their lives. Sadly though, many survivors consider the deceased ones the lucky ones (stewart 34) During 1999 the Taliban had...
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