Topics: Human rights, Afghanistan, Women's rights Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: November 14, 2013

No Freedom or Liberty:
The Effect of the Taliban’s Rule on Women’s Rights
Imagine living in a country as a woman where you couldn’t even leave your house by yourself to get groceries or go to the doctors without being flogged or raped. This is what every woman had to suffer through, when the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan. They stripped all women of their basic human rights; their ability to work, education, healthcare, and transportability. If the women of Afghanistan did not obey Taliban’s decrees they were brutally beaten and punished for their violation of Taliban’s laws. Under the Taliban regime girls were denied of education and knowledge, the most important factors of growing for young women. They were prohibited from studying, going to a university, or receiving any sort of knowledge that would make them dominant or less vulnerable. Data obtained by Amnesty International shows that 74 schools were destroyed or closed down from March to December 2010 as a result of violence, including rocket attacks, bombings, poisoning of students, arson and threats. Of these attacks, 26 targeted girls' schools (Amnesty International). Many women even tried to secretly start homeschooling. They taught many kids in their own homes, ordering their sons to buy books and materials. This secretive way of passing knowledge to young girls was a smart tactic but had terrifying consequences. An article on Taliban Reality for Women and Girls states that one woman who defied Taliban orders by running a home school for girls was killed in front of her family and friends. (Feminist Majority Foundation). With the women of Afghanistan having the highest death rate they were still deprived of healthcare. They had limited access to medical care due to the Taliban’s prohibitions. The Taliban’s rules and regulations caused many women to experience mental depression. These mental depressions were not short term but had lasting effects on some women in Afghanistan. Most...

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