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Education is one of the most indispensable things in a person’s life. Without it, we can’t conceive a career or have a high place in life’s society. Education makes a country grow and develop. If you had the chance to benefit from a higher education level, you have higher chances of getting a job that is paid better than the others. You have an advantage over other people applying for the same job if your education level goes far higher than the average level. Usually, you get more money on that job because there are few people that can do this kind of work.
If there are more people that make money, the country also makes more money by making prices higher. Some percents of the price go to the government and have more money that go to developing the country.
The more educated you are, the more respected you are. People won’t try to insult you or judge you because they have to respect you. They know you have higher standards and won’t even take in consideration what they tell you because you are more educated. Everybody will look up to you and be considered a roll model. This way, your self esteem rises and you become more confident. You can be admired and can teach other people to also become more educated.
Education makes you a better person that helps you through life but also other people by inspiring them. If also makes the country look good by having good schools and universities. Therefore, education is one of the most important ting in life that a person can benefit from.

(i) Introduction
(ii) Evil impacts and complications of __________.
(iii) It breeds social, economical, political and moral problems
(iv) Causes of __________.
(v) Remedies of __________.
(vi) Conclusion
__________ is a major problem in most backward and developing countries. It indicates our moral, social and religious downfall. It is a matter of great shame that in spite of becoming a nuclear power, we are far behind other nations in the way of

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