Tales of Angola - Short Essay

Topics: Florida, Seminole, Seminole Wars Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Canter Brown Jr. wrote Tales of Angola to show the strong history of Free Blacks, Seminoles, Red Stick Creek in Southwest Florida and what happened to them. Their a focus on southwest maroon communities and their survival. The expression of their struggle and the havoc felt by these people are brought to light in this section .It tells a story of the forgotten ,that were destroyed by the United States government,and how some of them escaped. A significant black community existed in Florida, the settlement of importance had “escaped identification.” A free black town located north of St. Augustine,Fort Mose ,had existed for two years when “Georgians briefly overwhelmed the site in 1740”, only to be repelled in a daring nighttime raid led by Fort Mose’s black captain Francisco Menendez..This cause a dispersal of the remaining rebels to settle down in small settlement along rivers ,Manatee and Braden Rivers, in florida.this settlement was known as Angola.This people became associated with Seminole Indians. They used the river as protection the “Upstream of prospect Bluff”.This created a forrtified outpost known as the Negro Fort.John Lee Williams declared that the point “Arbuthnot and Ambrister had at one time a plantation here cultivated by two hundred negroes.”During this time, Angola’s resident population grew somewhat as a result of calamity provoked by the United States Army.General Andrew Jackson, then commanding the Southern Department, United States military forces illegally entered Spanish Florida in summer 1816 with orders to eliminate the Negro Fort and its threat to the expansion of cotton plantation slavery in nearby areas of present day Georgia and Alabama. These events show the power and strength of these settlements and why the United States try to suppress them.By 1818, news of Angolas size and strength had reached ears in the United States, as well as in the Spanish and British Empires.General Andrew Jackson desired to punish his Red Stick...
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