Talent Management at Ritz-Carlton

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Talent Management at Ritz Carlton
Ritz- Carlton is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marriott International and is currently a leading brand in luxury lodging.It is the only service company in America that has won the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award twice and is rated best for employee training in the whole of United states of America by the Training Magazine  in the year 2007. Ritz Carlton’s Culture

The company has built a reputation as one of the best employers in the US. The company believes that the quality of its end product is only as good as the people providing it. Hence they take great care to recruit candidates who are best fit both in terms of attitude as well as skills and train them to provide high quality service conforming to the precise specifications and standards laid out in the Ritz-Carlton Gold Standard.

They refer to their employees as “Ladies and Gentlemen”, which is also reflected in the company’s internal motto: "We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen". According to Theo Gilbert-Jamison, VP of Leadership Development at Ritz Carlton ,they believe that their employees are professionals in the field, providing great service, and are not servants. They regard their employees as the cornerstone of its exceptional service culture and attribute the company’s success to their employees’ commitment. Talent acquisition

The organization applies "Matching People with Jobs" as their strategy for recruitment.A wide variety of tools are used at Ritz Carlton to attract applicants for the staff positions as well as food and beverage personnel. For example they used Server cards that read “The service you just provided was first class!” on one side, with the job application information on the other side.However for the food and beverage personnel, more traditionally targeted ads were run in the newspapers of major cities. The company’s website for careers and opportunities is well designed and compehensive in providing all the necessary information to aspiring applicants. Job fairs are conducted when large scale recruitment is to be done for a new property. The company hires the best people from across the globe for their talent and abilites hence supporting culturally diverse workforce in the organization.

According to Ritz-Carlton the company does not hire its employees, they select them. Prior to recruitment process, benchmarking activity would be undertaken wherein top performers holding varied positions in Ritz Carlton’s chain of hotels as well as other comparable organizations are studied to prepare an ideal profile for each position. This method ensures that the company got people with the right match both in terms of qualifications and personality that is required for the position. It is believed that this technique is the reason behind Ritz-Carlton’s low volunatry attrition rate which is about 18% as compared to the hospitality industry standard of 100% attrition rate. The company typically hires about 2% of the people who apply for jobs.

At Ritz-Carlton selection process consists of several stages and is very rigorous. Initial screening is done through telephonic interviews, followed by a standard behavioral interview questionnaire which was prepared by “Talent Plus” a psychometic research firm , keeping in mind the key values of Ritz-Carlton.

It helps assess the candidates level of comfort when working with people and determine if the candidate fits the organizational culture. Once the candidate is found to be a good cultural fit, the candidate undergos several rounds of interviews with different managers, starting with the line manager, who would assess the skills of the candidate, and then moving up the hierarchy to the Division Head, the HR Director and finally the General Manager of the hotel. Recruiters at Ritz Carlton expect certain qualities in the candidates, that are ideally required in the...

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