Takt Time Analysis

Topics: Manufacturing, Lean manufacturing, Time Pages: 1 (311 words) Published: July 8, 2012
Davies, S. (2009, may 23). A Matter of Takt. Engineering and Technology(17509637) , 62-65.

This article tells us about the takt time analysis and the Toyota production system. Throughout our lives we are slaves to time. In the manufacturing world, under the lights of lean production it is more demanding that the actual speed of the production line is exactly balanced to meet the demands of the customer. This speed or tempo of manufacturing is called Takt time. Takt time is derived from the word ‘clock cycle’. For a given product line the pace is determined by dividing the allowable time in the production shift by the average production volume. Work at each operation is planned according to the takt time. Anything faster is over production and slower is under production. Takt time along with along with flow production, pull system, and flow production form the basis for Just-in-time (JIT) system. The volume requirement changes of customers can affect Takt times. Organizations must acclimatize and adapt to the changing takt times. The use of takt times is not suitable for all types for all types of manufacturing systems. It works best in discrete part examples like the automotive manufacturing with some volume. Takt time also works best when the products going down the line have similar work content. Takt time is also important in terms of determining if things are ahead or behind in production during the shift. To implement takt time changes successfully requires some ability to move the work force around on monthly basis. When everything is slow workers are taken off line and put to work on improvement projects for a defined period of time. In tough economic times like this current global down turn things are pretty abnormal, and organizations should behave cautiously while taking any decisions regarding changes in the production line.
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