Taking a Risk

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Adan Guzman

English 100

3 March, 2013

Taking A Risk

What does it means for you to take a risk? Do any answers include putting

yourself in deep jeopardy and wagering everything just to live in the moment, without

thinking of the consequences whatsoever? To others it may seem more like a gamble, but

to you it is something worth taking, just to get that feeling with no regrets. To you, it

means putting everything on the line, just to receive even the slightest bit of true


When I attended ninth grade during winter break, me and my family drove up to

Big Bear Mountain, where it would be the first time for me to ever even touch snow, let

alone have some with it. It was a three hour drive and I was beginning to fall asleep in the

car as my cousin was taking us there. As we were driving by we noticed all the ski lodges

and people going up and heading towards to bottom skiing. Finally, we reached our

destination and parked near some snow hills. We took all the sleds and headed towards

the hills, and it was pretty tiring just to walk there. I quickly ran to touch the snow with

my bare hands , and I have to admit, I imagined it to be more softer, but still had all the

necessary characteristics I always thought snow would have which include: texture,

temperature, and color. After I had my moment, I quickly ran to catch up with everybody

who made their way without me.

My baby sister, who was four years old, and I were the first people of our family

to sled down a hill. She was about one fourth of my height and was very excited as we

placed our positions on the sled. As we made our way down, and grabbed her tightly I

felt the wind brushing by my cheeks and placed my hand in the snow to either change

course of direction or stopping. After we were done, we kept going and going up to

higher hills for more velocity. Some slopes were rough and some were smooth, but

equally enjoyable. It was at that time that something caught my eye and had my first

thrilling moment.

I remember a certain hill that was the highest of them all, which no one dared to

head up to, which caught my attention. Next thing I know I grabbed a hold of my sled

and started making my way up there and not turn back. As I was going up, I could hear

my mother screaming at me to get down immediately, but I pretended not to hear her and

just ignored her entirely. Back then, I would be considered as a momma’s boy, so it was

one of those few times, where I really disobeyed her. I remember I kept slipping and dug

my hand in the snow to keep myself from falling because it was a very steep hill.

Eventually, I made it up there with only minor problems surprising even myself.

As I looked down I was beginning to have second thoughts. To a ninth grader, it

looked more like I was standing at the top of Mount Everest rather than a slope. It was

steep and looked like someone could die trying to attempt going down this slope of death,

not to mention, there was a huge rock in the middle of the way. I saw people cheering for

me, including some of my family members and I thought, “I can’t just let all these people

down after I have come this far can I?” As my sister recorded me, because I informed her

beforehand, I headed down the path of death, as I called it and thought, “Oh god, I’m

going to die!” It lasted only a few seconds and after maneuvering away from the rock I

crashed into the bump and flew off my sled and landed above my buttocks. I ran off to

convince people that I was okay.

I remember afterwards, my mother told me that I was insane and stupid to go

through such a thing. The truth is that I am glad that I took such a risk because before I

would always be the cautious type that never lived in the moment. That moment marked

the first thrilling experience that I had encountered and I do not regret it at all. For the...
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