Taking the a Train Lab Report

Topics: Base, Chemistry, Acetic acid Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Taking the A
Chem 106 Section 12

1. Introduction: This lab focused on showing the reaction that takes place between zinc and iodine using only deionized water instead of acetic acid (or vinegar) as we did in the previous lab by adding acetic acid to zinc iodide. The purpose of this lab was to see how water created the reaction and another compound or precipitate. Focus Question: Zn(OH)2 was the product when zinc and iodine were reacted without the presence of acetic acid in the water. Confidence Report: I am confident that our data in the experiment was “good data”. We had the expected positive results occur from the identification experiments. We made sure to measure everything correctly. We correctly identified the precipitate Zn(OH)2 by performing the acid and base test on our precipitate. We received a positive result for each test performed for the presence of the zinc hydroxide compound. It was interesting to note the appearance of the zinc hydroxide from only the mixture of zinc, iodine and deionized water. To me, it did not look as expected. It was a little more “wet” than other precipitates we have worked with and even had to be separated with the centrifuge. We also found ourselves needing to pipette the excess water moisture from our precipitate because it was difficult to decant without also losing the precipitate. Perhaps the “wetness” could have been attributed to the fact that we did not place this precipitate over the Bunsen burner. Even though our precipitate seemed to contain moisture, it was positively Zn(OH)2. I am confident that our tests were performed correctly and our results were as described in the lab manual. Our Results: The results showed that Zn(OH)2 was what was produced in the experiment. The acid and base tests for Zn(OH)2 showed positive results because zinc hydroxide is an amphoteric oxide and can act as either an acid or a base in a reaction by either losing or gaining a proton. Tests for Zn(OH)2

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