Taking Public Transportation vs Driving Your Own Car

Topics: El Salvador, Central America, City Pages: 2 (668 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Mariana Ramos
ESOL 0351
Mr. Shaw
April 05, 2012
San Miguel El Salvador Before and Now
San Miguel El Salvador has had many changes during the past 15 years. San Miguel is a big, beautiful, famous and very touristic city in El Salvador. El Salvador is located in Central America, and San Miguel is situated in the east side of the capital, San Salvador. San Miguel was founded on May 8, of 1530 by Luis de Moscoso who came from Spain. San Miguel is also the second city most important after the capital San Salvador. The surrounding areas of San Miguel are very beautiful with many beaches around the city. The weather is amazing, very warm. San Miguel has also one of the most active volcanos in the country this is the stratovolcano Chaparrastique. These are the reasons why it is a very touristic and famous city. This city still has some similarity to fifteen years ago, such as traditions, food, and education, but of course it has had other changes during the years, such as job opportunities, city look, and population. San Miguel El Salvador has some things that are unchanged, and they have made this one of the most popular cities of the country. This city has some traditions that have existed for many years and even now many people still practice them. On November, San Miguel celebrates its municipal festivities in honor of Our Lady of Peace, being the Carnival of San Miguel the final and main event it takes place on the last Saturday of the month of each year. It is considered the biggest festival of entertainment, music and food in the country and one of the largest in Central America. Easter week is also one of those antique traditions, in this city and in the whole country. Of course this is a tradition more practiced by catholic people because they commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The food has not had any change until now. It is so similar in many ways even when people prepare it in a different way. Education also has not had many...
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