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Some people believe that competitive sports, both team and individual, have no place in the school curriculum. How far do you agree or disagree? The issue whether sports, including in a team and individual basis should be removed from the list of curricular activities at school is a very controversial issue. Many commentators are of the view that sports ought to be eradicated from schools. For some reasons, I totally disagree with this topic. Firstly, pupils could be extremely healthy by being involved in outdoor activities at their particular schools. The first point is that, sport may be completely powerful tool which can enhance the function of a body. Take for an example; jogging is insightful in terms of strengthening the effectiveness of heart. A further point is that, school children have to be outstanding not only mentally, but physically too. In other words, schools have to be the place where children are encouraged to take apart in sports, rather than just focusing only on giving basic sustainable knowledge. Secondly, children who are doing sports regularly regardless of its basis might probably participate in various competitions. This, accompanied with healthy attitude and good body spirit, usually conduce to meet new friends. In addition, pupils who take apart in sport competitions could make their family or country proud of them. For example, football which is team sport is a very prosperous sport around the world that is ought to be practiced at all schools to enable students to compete with other schools. Moreover, there are numerous schools in the world offering sports activities as a curriculum in order to produce future champions. In conclusion, there is no room for doubt that sports are indispensible part of children’s life and it had not to be deleted from schools’ co-curricular activities. Thus, I absolutely disagree with this issue for the reasons mentioned above.

Some people believe that competitive sports, both team and individual, have no place in the school curriculum. How far do you agree or disagree? Give reason for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. 

Sport is a beneficial subject for children in primary and secondary school. Some sports at school are running, swimming or long jump and most of them are not so competitive. Some people think that competitive sports are no need in the school 's programme. However, in my opinion, they are vital for children’s development.  Firstly, no one can deny that sport will help people keep fit and stay healthy. Doing sport everyday can make the heart healthier and burn the excess energy of the body. It also prevents people from risk of obesity and heart attack. Furthermore, sports make their brain more active. As a result, people could study or work better. In children, sports are essential for the development of physical and mental health. Sports bring benefits in strength, height and stature for children. For all of these advantages, sports should be taught at school.  However, competitive sports take a more important role in children education. There is so boring and not exciting for running or swimming alone. Consequently, when children compete with their friends, they are motivated to try more. Besides, sports also increase their communication. When children take part in some competitive sports like football, volleyball or basketball, they have to build up a team work. As a result, they are forced to make friend. After that, they talk as well as understand deeply about each others. In addition, playing sports will teach them a practical lesion of winning or losing after the contest. When they win, they will be more confident to go ahead. However, as they are losers, they must stand up and try for the next one. It is very necessary for children to improve themselves by step.  Overall, competition sometimes makes children feel stressful and tired; however, competitive sports are...
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