Taking Notes in College

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Should a Student Take Notes During College?
When students reach college-level academics, note taking becomes a major role in the effective learning of college students. Studies have shown that effective note taking results in higher academic grades. There are a high number of students in colleges today that are receiving poor grades due to failing tests or quizzes over material that was taught to them but not remembered. The vast majority of these students have poor note taking skills. There are many advantages of effective note taking and different ways to take effective notes.

Students that are earning marginal or poor grades either do not take notes or fail to take effective enough notes. Have these students not been taught on how to take effective notes? Students, who take effective notes during lecture, are more likely to learn and remember subject matter better than students who do not take notes. A lot of students today are simply not taking notes during class. During an observation of a class of thirty students, only three or four students actually took notes during the lecture. These three to four students are receiving above a 3.5 grade point average. The rest of the students paid attention to the lecture, but did not write or type anything down as notes. They attempted to memorize the lesson being taught. Note taking may also be helpful to record information from written sources. The practice of taking notes is typically more challenging for auditory and kinesthetic learners due to the way that they receive and process information. These useful notes typically reflect the main ideas of the lecture or the assignment that was being taught. Taking good notes during class is especially important for students that do not have prior knowledge of the material that is being taught. All students can benefit from note taking strategies during their studies.

A solution to correct or teach students how to write effective notes would be to...
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