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Taking Notes Essay

The “note taking system” document, has explained to me that there is more than one efficient way to take notes, while in class. Taking notes in class is extremely imperative, in order to learn sufficiently, and be able to retain information. After reading this, I have learned that the different note taking systems are really up to your own preference. There are five different note taking systems, which are: The Cornell Method, The Outline Method, The Mapping Method, The Charting Method, and The Sentence Method. Each of these methods have something different and unique about them. The methods, the advantages and disadvantages, along with when to use the method are all explained in the document. Each of these methods are all similar in a way, because you are taking notes, and retaining information by doing any of these. They are different in the way by how they organize your information. One method uses graphics as its way of organization. Another method uses a technique of condensing your notes, giving you a break from having to write so much information down on the paper. One other method organizes by using charts, instead of just writing one bullet point after another. It is going to be a little difficult to attempt at applying these note taking methods to my every day routine in class. I have always just copied word for word what has been on the screen, but I have never tried organizing my notes in any special way. I feel as though the best note taking method that works for myself is the outline method. The way that this method organizes your information is by starting with the most general information on the left, then the more detailed facts to the right. This method just organizes facts on levels of importance, and that really helps me when it comes to study time! I will work my hardest on actually applying this to my note taking, because in the long run, it will help me a lot!
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