Taking Care of a Puppy

Topics: Sleep, Need, Nutrition Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Risha Katzman
Assignment 4: Process Analysis
Today class we will talk about how to take care of a pet. There are many types of animals that you can have for a pet. I choose to explain the steps in taking care of a puppy. In my opinion, puppies are so cute and playful. One thing about puppies is that they turn into dogs. When caring for a puppy you have to be very careful and gentle. Puppies are very fragile and have to be handled with care. I will explain the things that you must do in caring for a puppy.

The first thing when taking care of a puppy is that you need to choose what kind of puppy you want to have. Your parents will help you to decide what kind of puppy is best suited for you. I prefer West highland terriers, since I have had three of them. They are very cute and good with children.

The second thing to consider when getting a puppy is his/her nutritional needs. The puppies nutritional needs consist of food, milk, and water. When you get to the store with your parents, you will see that there are various kinds of puppy food made just for them. You can have your parents help you choose what puppy food is best for them. Puppies are full of energy so they will need feeding about four times a day. When feeding your puppy you will need a bowl to put the puppy food in, after all they can’t eat off the floor. The food will need to be measured so that you don’t give your puppy to much food. You can measure the food by using a measuring cup. To find out how much you should feed your puppy look on the puppy food can. Puppies can be giving milk in the first couple of months especially if the mother is not present. Put the milk in a bowl. Once the puppy is not given milk anymore you can start giving the puppy water in a bowl. You need to check every couple of hours if the puppy has enough water and if they don’t you will need to refill the water bowl. Making sure your puppy has plenty to eat and water is very important, you don’t want your puppy to...
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