Taken (2008) Movie Breakdown Essay

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20 April 2011
Taken (2008)
Taken is a great thriller movie with many action scenes with great editing; it is educational, emotional and highly controversial. The movie is about Kim, a girl that is kidnapped by Albanian sex trade gang. When the movie starts the girl lives with her mother and step father in Los Angeles. Her real father, Brian is a retired CIA agent. The girl and her friend are planning to go on a vacation to spend the summer in France, which leads to a lot of drama later on in the movie. Since, Kim is 17 and needs parental permission to leave the country, her mom and her set up a lunch with Brian Mills her father, where they ask him for his approval. He as a war veteran, as well as smart and skilled CIA agent, which leads to his decision to disapprove because he knows that it is unwise for his underage daughter to go to a foreign country with her teenage friend. During this lunch conversation the camera man used a lot of reverse shots because the mother and daughter were sitting opposite to Brian. The quick shot of the mother and daughter looking at Brian when he said no, made him look as the bad guy as they had an unpleasant conversation, and Kim started crying because he would not let her go to France.

Of course after Brian was made the bad guy by his ex-wife and his daughter convinced him that everything was safe and they were just going to visit museums and not go to the dangerous parts of France. Brian had nothing to say but yes because his daughter would not even talk to him. He did not know that his daughter and her 19 year old friend Amanda were Shor 2

going to follow a U2 concert tour all over Europe. He was convinced that they were going to live at Amanda’s cousin’s house, which was true but did not mention that the cousins were out of town. Before they Kim and Amanda left to France, it was Kim’s birthday and Brian gave her an expensive karaoke machine because Kim’s dream was to become a singer. Also during that time, Brian was working as a security guard for a famous young singer Sheerah and saved her life when a stranger tried to attack her with a knife. During the scene of this attack the camera used a long shot of the singer walking into a dark area, which was done on purpose as a mysterious set was used to make the audience know that something bad is going to happen. Then the singer was attacked and Brian came to the rescue with quick camera shots emphasizing Brian’s punches on the criminals and then Brian standing on top from a low angle shot as the dominant figure in the image after knocking the guy out. Sheerah told Brian that she would help his daughter with music lessons with her own music teacher that made her so famous and improved her voice and signing ability. Sheerah would pay for all the classes if she saw that Kim had potential since Brian saved her life. And Brian would introduce his daughter to Sheera, once Kim came back from France. Once Kim and Amanda make it to France they decide to take a picture with a camera phone and a handsome stranger Peter volunteers. Then he asks them where they are going and that they can split the price of a taxi because he is going the same way. When they get there, he finds out where they are going to stay and that they are alone, and tells them that there is a party

Shor 3
at his school and he wants them to come. Peter then leaves and makes a phone call to his mafia bosses. While the girls get settled down in their apartment and are excited about meeting a handsome guy, someone broke into their apartment. At this time Kim was in the bathroom taking to her father Brian, from the bathroom window she could see inside the living room window and that two men were grabbing her friend Amanda. Her eyes were filled with horror as the camera super zoomed in on her face and she screamed “Oh my God, they took Amanda!”, then the camera quickly made a reverse shot of Amada’s view and zoomed in on the window of...

Bibliography: 1. Corrigan, Timothy. The Film Experience, 2nd Ed. Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2009. Print.
*used only as a general guideline for terms such as reverse shot
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